Friday, 18 November 2011

It went something like this...

I was working last night in Company Bar in Manchester where I do my day to day work. I didn’t finish there till gone 3:30am, feeling rather horny and with nowhere else to go, I decided to visit the Basement sauna. Now before any of you turn your noses up, I happen to enjoy going to saunas and the alike, being an exhibitionist and all that it feels comfortable and natural to me. So before people tarnish me with the “sauna is sleazy” brush, please remember that everyone has their likes and dislikes and I personally wouldn’t slate someone for their likes.

Anyway, I arrived at the sauna and had to pay a rather extortionate amount to get in as my membership was apparently due. Got in, no one in the changing room. Great…an empty bloody sauna. As I walked around I found that people were there…hiding in dark rooms, committing all sorts of heinous acts to their fellow man…and I loved it. After walking round checking out what this Thursday night had to offer. I went to use the steam room, after no one really catching my eye.

I sat down, towel off, relaxing in the steam. Once my eyes had become accustomed to the haze, I made out a groups of at least 4 guys in the corner going at it like rabbits. I couldn’t see who they were, what they looked like, nothing. Curiosity got the better of me, plus the horny factor of the anonymity of it, so I went over and put my cock in the hand of the nearest guy…who’s reaction went something like this “Holy fuck! What the fuck is that?” Now I believe if you ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer…however I simply replied “my cock, what do you think it is” to which he said “thats massive, I can’t take that!” (in all honesty I wasn’t asking him to anyway…just a quick fumble).

I left quickly and went to shower. Unbeknownst to me, I was being watched.

I continued to wash my self down, and spied another guy start to use the shower next to me. This guys was a god! Muscles upon muscles, hairy chest, about 30-32 and a gorgeous tan. I didn’t think guys like this existed in Manchester, what a surprise it was to find him. Now he had seen me soft, which is already a sight to behold if you go off what other people say. So he instantly suggested going to a room together. Off we trot to a cubicle. Give it about 5 minutes and he comes reeling out the room with a face of pure horror, makes his excuses and quickly walks off. It seems his eyes were a lot bigger then his arse, once I got hard he recoiled in fear and said that my cock was “scary looking” and “too big”, he couldn’t even suck it.

Now I’m not girthy by no means, I just have a lot of length. It is an average thickness, but just long. I never thought a cock could create so much fuss and horror…its not even an ugly cock.

So this makes me ask this question, what do you consider to be the perfect cock? As I’ve had mine been described as the perfect cock for fucking due to the curve, it’s also been described as small, huge, scary, bent…you name it, my cock has been called it, haha

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Getting fed up, yes it's a rant post but an important one, read if you're a performer or a producer of porn

I'm getting somewhat fed up recently, of a few different things really. But the main one is, being ignored.

I have been in porn now for over 5 years, in that time I have had some mediocre shoots, a couple of good ones and the rest are forgettable, or this is how it seems from the reaction I get from other gay porn stars and companies. I have seen people rise and quickly fall due to their self inflated egos getting in the way. I have also seen unlikely stars rise from insecurity and self doubt, and they have gone on to big things. Me, I've sort of stayed floating around in the middle, not really fitting into any category and neither gaining popularity or losing it.

Regarding being ignored, over the past 3 to 4 years of me doing porn, more and more porn studios have shunned me or completely ignored me, for what reason I don't know. I will not name names...yet, but it's getting to a point where even I don't realise what I've done wrong, if anything.

A prime example is this; I apply to a website, a website which I look at and think realistically, yes I am probably fitted to this website. I mean look at me, yes I am skinny and I don't have much muscle, but there are guys on this website who are similar build to me...great I stand a chance. Only either to be told, "sorry you're not right for the website" or simply ignored. This is rude, and at east have the balls to tell me the REAL reason why you don't want to use me.

For example, a certain new UK porn website who's main focus is "muscle jocks" (big clue there) told me, "I wasn't right for the site, as they wanted muscle jocks and guys like that", fine not a problem, but then why are you using a model who is skinnier than me who has a trouble getting hard on camera? In all fairness though that website is a bit of an ego trip for it's owner(s) so I'll let them have their fun.

One of the worst is a London based company that likes it's lads "hard" (another clue), told me the first time I applied (bear in mind I had worked for the guy who runs this company when he was a cameraman for another) that I didn't have the right body type, as I was to hairy and toned to be a twink, but beefy and muscled enough to be a stud/man/whatever you want to call it. I accepted this and started going to the gym, now for me it takes a lot to put weight on and even more so to build muscle. Anyway after a while of going to the gym, I had put on a surprising amount of muscle and toned up considerably. I applied again. To be told that he wasn't hiring anyone from Manchester as he couldn't afford the travel expense. In the meantime I had seen numerous models appear on his website of slim build, but not in the same category that the put me. I was annoyed. Anyway he told me it was a distance thing now, I accepted this. Then I saw a model, from Manchester, who was the same build as me AND a notoriously bad model. This was the icing on the cake for me. How dare he lie to me

Another example, a lot of times companies and websites just simply ignore me, and value the newer faces or the old reliables...again this is where I don't fit into anything.

I want to know before I go any further, what is wrong with me? Why do so many studios and companies ignore me or are so quick to push me aside?

I am a good model, I am versatile both in the sexual context and in the context that I can do most things or will give it a good try. I mean hell, twinks are really NOT my thing, and I have never been dominant before, but I did it, and I did around 13 shoots for BoyNapped. Was really not my thing, but I still did it, and it must have been good cause they used me and used me consistently.

Something has to give...I just need someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong, what's wrong with me

Friday, 2 September 2011


I have had a funny old day today. I found myself smiling for no reason (or what I thought was no reason) at times and I couldn’t help it, I also felt really emotional and sometimes like I wanted to burst into tears. It was annoying me cause it just felt so random and spontaneous…then it clicked. At some point during the day I had heard a song that I only ever heard while I was in LA and it must have subconsciously triggered a serious of memories of my time there.

I honestly do miss LA and it’s the only place I can say where I have felt comfortable being me, outside of porn and inside of it, and you know what, I liked it. I didn’t have to conform to a stereotype, or be something I am not. I didn’t have to cope with bitchy scene queens, or homophobic straights. I was comfortable being in a healthy, sunny, open environment…and it suited me.

Some of the memories I had were me, @FanForeskin and @Gambit244 (both amazing dear friends) going to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the day, a theme park I have wanted to go to for years, finally getting to ride X (or X2 as it is now known) and Superman.

Going to a big night out at the Hollywood Paladium with @thewillem and @theculp and seeing a performer sing on stage called Zoe Badwi who was amazing! Also the gogo dancers there were brilliant, able to do so much sexual, erotic dancing I loved it!

Shooting scenes with @AdamRussoXXX, @Alternadudes, @FanForeskin and others which was a truly amazing experience for me.

Meeting porn stars and personalities such as @Brent_Everett, @DjChiChiLaRue, Dean Monroe, Steven Daigle, Scottie Brooks, Mason Garret (who I did Cocktails with the Stars with), @Steve_Pena, @FabscoutHoward, Philip Ashton, Cody Cummings, Samuel O’Toole, Marcus Mojo, Jake Lyons…and many more.

Going to the Phoenix Forum in AZ and meeting a ton of industry people, both gay and straight, including @HotHouseXXX, @NextDoorStudios and others. It was an amazing time, and SO hot! Trust me, being British in a place like that gets you a lot of attention haha…and apparently so does having a foreskin.

Going to EatWell most mornings for breakfast/dinner with @FanForeskin, @Gambit244 and @TommyWellsNet…you can’t beat a hobo sandwich!

And the best one of all, my true dear friend and a true gentleman. The guy who put up with me for a month and was extremely hospitable. An amazing guy, @Gambit244

So this is what has been going through my head all day, and to be honest, I love these memories and will cherish them for the rest of my life. I just wish I could go back sooner

Friday, 8 July 2011

Is furious with Orange mobile and this is fucking why!

I owed them £171.95 in March of this year, which I paid in cash a week before I went to America at the Hanley branch. My phone got reconnected and everything was fine, as I had paid up, and phone was working again.

I go away to America in March till April, get back to a letter saying I owe them £ How?! I had paid up before I went away. Anyway I rang them and they said they would sort it for me.

Two months later I get another letter from them saying I owe £290.37...I thought this had been sorted ffs! I rang again, to get the same response.

This morning I opened a letter, and I swear I nearly exploded! They have taken me to a debt collectors for £744.02, now how the fuck in the space of a month can the bill jump from £290.37 up to £744.02? This is completely outrageous and I have sent them a huge ranting email demanding to know what the hell is going on. They have given me till the 13th of this month to pay it all in full. I DO NOT owe that amount of money, this all stemmed from an error caused by one of their fucking employees, they will have to sort their error out, and not demand money from me!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rude awakening

After staying up till God knows what time last night painting my bedroom, I finally hit the sack. Nice nights sleep and caught up on the sleep I have been missing.

Now, it's important to know I sleep naked...and if on my own in the apartment I walk round naked to. So remember that bit.

I was rudely awoken this morning to the sound of a brash cockney female accent shouting (rather loudly and repeatedly) "Tell me what I've done! Tell me what I've fucking done!". This annyance prompted me to get up out of bed (nude still) and go to my bedroom window. I live on the top floor, so I looked out the window to see two police vans and about 7 police men stood at the house next-door to mine and a big crowd, this is where I assumed where the ruckus was coming from. I ignored it and went back to bed. The voice carried on shouting, so I decided to go look through my front room window, nothing. Bathroom window, nothing. Bedroom window, nothing...this was starting to do my head in now. I could not find the source of this voice for the life of me...

...then I went to the bathroom for a piss. Stood there pissing and I looked out my bedroom window, above the houses opposite me, to see a figure stood on the roof looking straight through my window. THAT was the source of the voice...this annoying short dumpy lesbian Harry Potter look-a-like!

And I spent about half an hour walking round looking down at the street not thinking to look up, everything on show, flapping in the breeze for this psycho dyke to gawk at... in true British tradition, I leant out the window and shouted "Jump you stupid cow!"

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Medical mayhem and unsure doctors

Ok, here's the verdict
After my bad stomach pain last night, that went from my ribcage down to my bollocks, I went to the hospital and had various tests and pokings and prod dings. And after all the the doctor STILL didn’t know what was up with me for definite. This is his conclusion:

1 - a cyst on my testicle or the tubing connected to the testicle (which would explain why there was blood in my cum a few days ago)

2 - a problem with my colon, he didn’t say what, just a “problem”


3 - kidney stones

He gave me a few bits of medication to take…so hopefully that will knock whatever it is on the head. On the up side, this morning I am feeling a bit better, still a dull ache in my stomach and bollocks but no where near as bad as what it was last night. Walked into the kitchen and my mum immediately said “fucking hell you look ill! You’re dead pale!” and for someonewhp has been to America and Gran Canaria and come back with a killer tan that’s not a good thing. I managed to eat a bacon sandwich this morning and it stayed down, so far so good.

Fingers crossed ill be ok, but in the mean time…come give me huggles and feed me chocolate *ill Kieron*

Monday, 4 July 2011

The things you never knew've read some of my tweets, you've seen some of my blogs...hell, you may have even watch me have sex. But there are things about me you don't know, some minor and trivial...some big and important. So here goes, gonna open up that little bit more...enjoy

- I am petrified of clowns and spiders.
- I have a huge fear of being alone when I'm older
- Even though I come across as being confident, I am very shy and insecure
- I am a big family man, my family come first
- A huge romantic at heart
- I've done 7 DVD's and over 15 different websites in the UK, USA and Europe
- My day job is bar work and promotions, but I also do my own work on my website and photo manipulation for wedding photos, portfolios and other projects
- I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers
- My favourite colour is Green
- I've had cancer in my leg (bone cancer) when I was 13
- When drunk I am prone to self pitying tweets, bitchy comments and/or loving everyone
- I LOVE the USA and I loved Hollywood when I was there
- I'm a secret geek shhhhh lol
- I WAS Cillian Murphy's body double for a film (regardless what a certain person says)
- I can self-fuck, as was seen on my solo video
- I have worked with my on and off screen partner Steven Prior a total of 4 times
- I have two tattoo's and planning on getting more
- Even though I am quite slim, I do eat a shit load and currently weigh 11st
- I spend my weekends walking round on stilts in silly costumes promoting clubs (yay)
- Aside from porn I do normal modelling as and when the work comes up
- I can fit 33 M&Ms in my foreskin (could have gotten more but the chocolate melted and made my fingers slippy lol)
- I have 4 piercings, getting some more soon as well
- I used to work at Alton Towers theme park in the UK...big theme park geek
- I still get star-struck when meeting my porn Brent Everett and Chi Chi La Rue
- I've only ever had one proper partner, Steven Prior
- When I was younger I was my grandparents carer, as my nan is blind and my grandad is deaf
- I can speak French and very basic Spanish, and I'm learning German
- I write poetry, songs and stories in my spare time, just to write down what I'm feeling
- Aside from being in front of the camera, I have a keen eye as a photographer

Well that's all for now..pretty pointless post, but hey ho...least you know a bit more hehe.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Been a while

It's been a while since I posted on here, so here goes!

Well I've been here there and everywhere recently, but not really done that much. I'm an exciting person really.. :-/

I went down to London for Stevens birthday, which was fun...he got very drunk bless him haha. But for some reason I ended up in a leather harness chained to the roof by a collar and lead. I forget how that happened and how I ended up staying there for so long haha. I blame the vodka!

Was meant to have a shoot with the amazing @HouseofXY today, but due to not having no money I had to postpone it :-( which is annoying to say the least.

Little bit of an annoyed comment here, but I can't help notice how people who have either only just started out in porn or for a couple of years seem to get all the work. I have been doing porn for 5 years nearly now, and I have done a lot, a lot more than some of these "stars" you see today. Just goes to show you need to be a) a hooker b) in everyone's face about it c) amazing at what they do. Sorry bit of a jealous rant, as certain people seem to be getting all the work I should be getting grrrr lol and also they don't seem to help me after I've helped them. Still waiting on contact from people.

Anyway, no doubt a certain person will be spying on this to see if I mention him so, hi shit head!

I posted a pic on twitter last night that seemed to attract a lot of attention, so I'll post it on here for the memory haha enjoy

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

On the next episode of Kieron Knight...

Well, what a fucking month! As you know I went to America in March/April (which I fuckng loved and can't wait to get back there), well I came back, was in the UK for a week the I pissed off to Gran Canaria, which for those of you who are asking "where the fuck is Gran Canaria?", it's a small Spanish island off the coast of the Sahara its bloody hot!

Anyway, I went on my own, again as I did with America. The hotel I stayed in was miles away from anywhere, dirty and you had to pay 15 Euros for 5 days just to hire a kettle! The outside of the apartments was nice, but it was a shit hole. Anyway, I tolerated that for a few days, not staying out at night cause I had to walk back (long story as to why I didn't stay closer but I won't go into that), anyway to cut this ramble down, I ended up getting back with my ex Steven Prior...which was completely not the thing I expected to happen at all haha!

So yes, we're now back to being a porn couple haha.

On a down note, I got back to the UK to my flat to find there was no electricity, no hot water and no heating. I think my landlord is taking the piss! Not a happy chappy as I put enough electricity in there to last me a long fucking time an I hadn't even used half of it since then it all jus disappeared.

So yeah, I'm now looking for porn work as it's kinda drying up a little bit...either no one wants to use me or the porn industry in the UK is drying up

Monday, 2 May 2011

What a world, what a life...

Well now I'm back in the UK, and after all the shite from the guy telling my mum about me doing porn, and the hotel for Gran Canaria buggering me about, and only having a select few people wanting to help me an not ignore me...I'm finally happier than I was before.

Me and my mum sat and had a chat last night, and it went 100% better than what I could have ever imagined. She was completely ok with it, and like me, furious at the guy for being a complete douche about it an doing it the way he did.

The funny bit is I have heard from a few sources about how crazy and obsessive he was lol. Anyway my mum now knows and everything is ok *wipes forehead* phew

Next crisis, my hotel in Gran Canaria for pride, they had their room advertised and I booked it the same time as my flight. Had an email on the day of the Royal wedding to say there was a mix up and there were no rooms available after all...cut to me fuming and about to kill someone. Anyway I asked around to see if anyone had any spare space, which I'd happily pay for, and a few people came back, but who aren't going aren't going at the same time. And I don't want to have to sofa hop for anyway, there was one person who has offered me previously to stay on his sofa...after recent issues though, where I'm either being loved or hated ive not yet received a reply, so I'm going to find another hotel, but of a walk to the Yumbo centre but I'll survive.

Next crisis, my laptop blew up a couple of nights ago, luckily this time i backed all my stuff up on a hard drive, so it's safe...I just now can't sync my iPad, continue on my website or view videos on xtube lol. So I need a new laptop

So, hopefully this hotel will have wifi...if not I'll update this an my twitter when I get to a wifi cafe lol

Speak soon xxx

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Right, this is going to fucking far now!

After I thought we had an agreement to just drop everything and not mention each other again, the prick that calls himself @the_mugwump on twitter has now apparently told my mum about me doing porn, and she is now posing as someone on twitter to find out more about me. This is what I've heard. Now I don't know how much of this is true, it might be a huge wind up, in which case it's a bit of a sick one involving family as I've not mentioned his mum once. But if it is true and he has told here, I will go ballistic.

It's not just that, he is still slagging me off, he really should get over it and learn to grow the fuck up! He's like a child for fucks sake. I really do urge you to keep your distance with this guy as he is really mentally unstable from what I have seen, and I'm not the only one to make that comment.

There is or was no need to bring my mum into this, as it's not something that should really be discussed within the family. He quite happily went and did a porn shoot for a magazine an told his mum about it, I don't know about you but I think that's weird. It's not effecting my family, I'm not using my families name, so it shouldn't be an issue. Yet he has made it into one by getting extremely personal and involving my family. I'm not going to be that sick or twisted to start spreading shit around about him to his mum, that would be uncalled for, so im going to be the better man and not say anything about his mum.

But seriously, if any of you follow him or are close friends with him, beware...he is seriously deranged and will stop at nothing to try to fuck your life up if you don't date him or sleep with him or acknowledge him.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Ok let's get serious for a moment

Just for a moment yet...

I'm currently lay on the bed at my future new house watching a spiderweb blow under the breeze of the air conditioning and wondering what awaits me when I get back to the UK. I have nothing there, no social life, no friends nearby, no job, a small and very shitty apartment, a family that rarely speaks to each other, an ex that is kinda fucking with my mind by telling me he hates me one minute the misses me the next and wants me to go fuck him. So it's making me realise how much I want to move away and start again, yet I've been accused by a couple of people of running away from the hard time and running away from my problems.

I have always tried to fight the stuff against me, and I'm a stubborn fucker, so things that I would class as "problems" wouldn't make me want to leave the country I was raised in. Tere has to be something deeper right?

Drunken tweet of the night

Well, tonight kinda proved that I am either highly unattractive or I have so e kind of odour or skin disease that I am not aware of. I was out on my own for a period tonight waiting for a friend. I was watching the dancers in a bar called Mickeys, you remember, the one I was at for Cocktails with the Stars. Anyway, the dancers were all buff an hot an very good looking, which kinda made me realise why no one liked me dancing when I was I'm the UK...cause I'm skinny, pale and thin...yes I can actually dance and pack out a pair of u derwear, but that evidently isn't enough.

I eventually met my friend and went to the Abbey, fed up of being on my own and very horny from a sexual experience that was probably one of the worst I've ever had. It was a threesome with a fellow porn star and a random guy. The porn star guy is another rant in a min. Anyway, I hated the Abbey so I left and ended up back in Mickeys for a small time, cause I was wide awake and horny.

I saw the porn star guy there, and he kinda seemed off with me and blanked me a few times, kinda made me feel used as he said he had a flight at 9 that night and was still in LA out in a club and said his flight had been changed again.

But yeh, I was stood on my own all night, and it was funny cause at times there was no one stood even near me. It seems the only time people show interest in me is if im in an enviroment where sex is implied, I.e. A sauna or sex party. And even then most of the time they assume I'm a bottom and willing to take anything. It kinda annoys me that when I'm clothed and in a normal environment I don't get nothing...and when I am looking for more than just a fuck (which I rarely get off camera by the way, and that does make a huge difference) it really depresses me.

So what am I doing wrong? Yeah I'm shy, and I can't approach people to talk to them cause if past bad experiences and I am far to shy. But I am a very sexual person...I do wash so hopefully I don't smell, I try to look decent without going too overboard. But yet still no one who is my type, which is a wide range by the way, shows interest.

I know I'm probably asking for a lot for people to come to me, but I truly am SO shy, it's cringeworthy.

Can I get answers on a postcard please, cause I really don't know what the fuck I'm doing wrong here.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Ok I'd like to apologies about one thing as I know it was my mistake that I didn't take the blog post regarding a certain individual down sooner. It was my mistake and I acknowledge that, however I did have other important things on my mind...I.e. Breathing and general day to day stuff. It is now deleted, even though said person and his friend are starting again due to said mistake. I did receive a message from said persons friend calling me a ugly cunt, etc. This person got involved where they didn't really need to be, so anything said to them will not be apologized for as they threw themselves in the line of fire and are now getting offensive and threatening because I responded. People who have no idea what's going on and yet slate someone based on someone's else's opinion are sheep...simple. But back to the main issue, I would like to apologize for not taking the blog post down sooner, it's down now...end of

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Ok am I being silly or is it possible to have puberty twice? haha! I am getting sweaty, a bit spotty (not nice I know), I am horny 24/7...even more so than usual, and my cock seems to have grown a bit more as I just finishing off the puberty I started when I was younger or am I having another bout? I can cope with the horny part and the cock bit, but not the spots and the sweaty bit...I feel like a horny hung tramp!

On a lighter note, I managed to put that horniness to some good use these past two days, as I went to Palm Springs with @FanForeskin and @EthanRobertsXXX to do some shoots and to get some stuff for my website which is getting along quite nicely now. Ethan is such a lovely guy and SOOOO hot. His accent had me melting more than the Sun I might add...which also didn't help with my constant hard on...honestly it was up and down like a freakin' yoyo!

I am at Cocktails With The Stars tomorrow at Mickeys in West Hollywood, so if you're in the area I'd love to see you =D

Anyway, I'm gonna enjoy my last few days in the US before I go back to the lovely UK :-\

Over and out

P.S. Here are some pics from my time in Palm Springs....cation, these are BIG photos

Friday, 15 April 2011

And now, the end is near...

...and so I face, the final week of me being here in LA *cries*

I have made so many good friends here it's untrue...and funny. I've managed to make more friends here in the space of a month than I have ever anywhere else in the UK. And you know what....I like it.

Went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today, ultimately one of the best theme parks in the world. I have to say, I don't get scared by roller coasters, but there were one or two there that had me a little nervous at some points. I went with my two very VERY dear and close friends FanForeskin and Gambit244.

Now, next week, being my last is naturally a bit jam packed of if I don't blog till the end of my trip, that's why.

Kinda read some things tonight on Twitter I didn't really want to see...but hey ho, a day in the life an all that shizzle

So i'm off to a party tonight in Long Beach for the Alternadudes website...see ya soon

Ooo also if you're in the WeHo area on Thursday the 21st of April, come to Cocktails With The Stars at Mickeys @ 6pm as I'm there with Mason Garret for the Easter Special

Monday, 11 April 2011

New website coming soon

Well you've probably heard me chatting about setting up a website. Well I have had some content filmed and photos taken so I suppose now is a better time than any to set it up. It's a good job I know how to do graphic design so I'm attempting to do all the logos and design of it myself.

I gave the logo a shot today and this is what I came up with:

What do you think?

It's meant to look like a tattoo (which I might get at some point minus the XXX)

It's all a work in progress but keep your eyes peeled =D

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Generic Blog....but with pictures :-O

Well last night was a funny one to say the least...started off quite well, I met porn superstar Brent Everett an his hubby Steve Pena. Also saw Seth Roberts, Scottie Brooks and Brandon Wilde. Was a plethora of porn last night (I love that word, plethora).

So yeah. Having a great time out here in the US of A. Not really missing England to be honest, then again there is nothing for me there to miss haha. Gambit244 the guy I've been spending a lot of time with is becoming such a good friend. He was there to listen to me whine an moan about recent events back home, has invited me out to places I would never have thought of going to before. So yeah, he's a great guy an such a lovely person.

Here are a few pics from my US adventure....sorry for the generic blog. Just felt like writing some shit lol

Yes one of those is Steven Daigle eating an ice cube out of my foreskin...and another is him pulling on it to see how far it will go haha

Monday, 4 April 2011

Phoenix Forum, Ice Cubes and Emotional Roller coasters...oh my!

Well, just landed back in West Hollywood, CA from the Phoenix Forum, and all I can say! What a weekend that was! (well it was actually from Thursday to Saturday but lets not quibble over definitions ha!)

The first day on Thursday was pretty much basic and getting around, had a few seminars, I now know how to so a lot of things regarding website management and stuff if I ever get my website off the ground....oh yeah by the way I'm doing a website haha! But I also spent some time networking and getting contacts, with great help from @fanforeskin, @Gambit244 and @tommywellsnet. I can't thank those guys enough! I met some amazing people at the forum, and some not so great but the experience was still a good one.

The next few days I spent either by the pool in the 104 Fahrenheit weather (t'was hot) or wandering round chatting to people. I saw and spoke to a few porn stars including, Kyle King, Steven Daigle, Phillip Ashton, Zack Randall, Samuel O'Toole, Austin Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Donny Wright and Tyler Torro. I met a few producers and companies too...including (lol); Alternadudes, Hot House, Next Door Buddies, Man Handled, Jake Cruise, Cybersocket, Fab Scout and a few others.

Managed to get a few bits an pieces of work out of it too ;-)

Now the Ice a few of you may have seen on Twitter...a certain Mr. Steven Daigle saw me wearing a shirt for the new website coming soon and asked me if I had a foreskin an other questions, to which the owner of the site promptly answered. A few hours passed and I was beside the pool with @tommywellsnet and Steven Daigle asked me to come over and then asked me to get my cock out to show him, Austin Wilde, Donny Wright, Fab Scout Howard, Phillip Ashton, and a few others my foreskin. I was shy at first but then realized where I was and went to get my cock out. They seemed to like it, I put my cock away and thought nothing of it. A bit later he came back an asked me to get it out again...I did, and he put an ice cube inside my foreskin to see the, well I suppose capacity of it, someone then dared him to eat the ice cube from out of my foreskin...too which he did! This is all on photo evidence haha! It happened again, in the club BS West later that night...I never actually thought a foreskin would be useful for anything...but apparently it has its uses and people like it, so thank you mum and dad for not having it chopped off when I was little haha.

The emotional roller coaster....well I was starting to enjoy myself after my little spat with a certain person, and trying to forget about stuff when I had a bit of an argument with my ex. Things were said that were a bit hurtful, but they've been said now, they're out in the open...nothing much really can be done about it I suppose now. I do still feel a lot for him, an I know I need to move on with my's just rather hard at the moment, as him and my family were the only things keeping me in the UK...sounds dramatic I know. My family I can visit often, this is if I move to the US, which I'm seriously considering doing, as my only ties to the UK now (aside from family) have been cut. But we shall see in due course, mainly cause I got nothing to go back to the UK for...aside from a crappy apartment, no social life or friends and no job...not good times.

Ah well, I'll just do what I do best and keep smiling and fighting on, it's what I do best these days haha...but on a lighter note, photos from my USA adventure will be posted up here soon no doubt :-P so keep an eye out for some juicy pics hehe


Friday, 1 April 2011

Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix....YAY learning!

Well I'm currently in Phoenix, AZ for the 2011 Phoenix Forum. Hot weather, hot guys and free booze...what more can you want?! I already did some networking and I must say I have met some interesting people, and some potential work opportunities as well. So far I've met...Kyle King, Jake Lyons, Young Latin Studs, Alternadudes, Corbin Fisher, Man Handled, Xtreme Restraints, Blu Kennedy, Bel Ami Alan, Fantastic Foreskin, TommyWells.Net, Jack Manly, Gambit244, Jason Sparks...and I also saw, Cody Cummings, Tyler Torro, Marcus Mojo, Austin Wilde, Phillip Ashton, Samuel O'Toole, Jake Cruise and many more...Awesome!

Today I'm not attending the seminars as there is nothing on for me today, however I am going to be there by the pool catching some sun as it's going to be an amazing 36 degrees Celsius today :-0 That's like, hotter than anything we ever get in England...I am in the desert though so it's kinda part and parcel I suppose.

So, for the rest of the day while the people of porn are, as Fantastic Foreskin would say LEARNING...I'll be beside the pool TANNING as I feel like a bit of a Legally Blonde moment haha

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Well, here I am!!

I've landed in sunny LA....well it was sunny before I got here, I think I brought the best of the British weather here with me, however it's still rather warm an I have been out in summer a typical Brit, I've gone to somewhere warm, and come hell or high water I WILL wear the shorts and small clothes I have brought with me!

I went to the Tom of Finland Art Festival yesterday with Jack Manly, Gambit244, Tommy Wells and FanFourskin. It was a really great day to see a lot of amazing artwork and I met SoldOutClothing and Starrfucker AND Jayden Grey. I also saw some rather dishy men in leather an other saucy it was a day well worth while haha.

The other day I went out with FanFourskin an Gambit244 to dinner then we had a stroll down the gay street, saw a lot of interesting things an I even went into Chi Chi La Rue's store...I've done so much an I've only been here like 2 days haha!

Roll on Phoenix Forum and many other exciting things, like April the 21st when I'm at Cocktails With The Stars @ Mickeys alongside Mason Garet (fetish star), now THAT should be a good laugh.

Well, I'll get some pictures up asap, but untill then I'll keep you informed...over and out


Saturday, 19 March 2011

4 more days to go!!

WOOOOO only 4 more days to go! I'm SO excited its untrue. I've finally managed to pack some stuff so I should be ok by the time I have to go down to London on Wednesday *fingers crossed*

I had an great shoot today with Steven Prior for so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon =D! Got another shoot tomorrow with Leo James so it should be a rather exciting weekend methinks

Only a short but sweet tweet

lots of love

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Only a week to go!!!

Only a week to go till i'm on the other side of the pond, as it were! LA here I come!

I am sooooo excited it's untrue lol *jumps up and down* I really need to start packing though, as all that's in my suitcase now is a cock ring and sandals lol! And as much as I'll be nude while I'm there, I really do need clothes if I'm gonna be wandering around theme parks hahaha!

On another note, I did a DVD shoot with FreshSX last week and it was rather good! Me and Ryder were runners, running through a park, then we went home an I fucked him lol....keep an eye out for Sport Lads Fuck (I think its called that)

Anyway, Ciao soon =D

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Never drink.....ever

After last night I am now never drinking again....till the next time.

I was drinking that lovely drink, Stella Artois...and having a few shots, ended up in a delightful local venue, Kaos watching the legend that is Miss Chris D'Bray, she was actually really good. One of my mates started telling his friends that I had, and I quote, "a massive cock". They asked me to prove it, and not one for backing down or losing I got my cock out in full view of the entire bar. On the upside, I got a lot of drinks bought for me for the rest of the night, on the downside, I did end up going home alone lol.

I also mentioned last night on Twitter that I have recently discovered some new fetishes that I am willing to try or am interested in...some are quite embarrassing, or would seem a bit weird lol, so I'm not gonna mention them just yet haha

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Its all confirmed!

OMG YAY! LA is going ahead! 24th of March to the 25th of April, a whole month of fun, sun an hot men! I've never been to the states before so it'll all be so exciting!

I am going to be going to Six Flags Magic Mountain when I'm out there, I've always wanted to go and now I am doing, I'll be like a kid at Christmas!

Also I'm hoping to get some work while I'm out there...and I'll be going to the Phoenix Forum in Arizona for a trip out woop! There is so much to tell you all, but I am so excited all manner of logic, spelling, grammar, words elude i'll settle for this simple yet descriptive sentance...

OMFGI'MGOINGTOLAOMFG!!!!!! *jumps around the kitchen clapping*

On another note, I went to the job centre this morning and on the way I saw a guy in his underwear hoovering his front room, he was hot. The security guard at the job centre as HOT, skin head, muscled as hell, baby face and an amazing ass and bulge! Then the place filled up with hot chavs in grey joggers...I got very horny and had to stand behind a potted plant to hide my hard on haha

Monday, 7 February 2011

do u think there r hidden cameras n public bathrooms?

If there are, why have I not got access?

Ask me anything

would it b consider cheating, if ur wife or husband masturbate 2 a magazine or internet porn?

No....but I would say that being in porn

Ask me anything

whats the best effective exercise for the abs, in ur opinion?

I don't know....I don't have abs lol

Ask me anything

whats the worst way 2 die?

Slowly and painfully.....and more importantly, alone

Ask me anything

have you ever had sex at school, church, work or public bathroom?

I have in school yes...yes at work, and yes in public bathrooms lol

Ask me anything

do u like 2 b asked questions?

As long as they're good ones

Ask me anything

What's the longest you've ever gone without a bath or shower?

A couple of days...I felt a bit filthy afterwards :-S

Ask me anything

Muchos Apologies

I know its been a while, again, however I have no internet in my new place so I am struggling to get on here and update things. So, to recap on my life since my last post.

I am fed up of Blackpool now, its ran its course somewhat quickly and I am starting to despise the place...I want to move back to Manchester, just need someone I can trust to move in with and flatshare as it's damn expensive on your own.

I have been doing more shoots for BoyNapped who are up for 3 (I believe it is) awards at the Cybersocket awards tonight in USA, so thats rather exciting, especially when I'm getting to dominate little twinks on there as well ;-)

My scene from Cazzo came out as well, its on the site now, however they haven't used my full name, but they have for the other two...I don't think I was liked much, but hey ho, I can put that credit to my name.

My little L.A trip is coming along nicely, I seem to be getting a fair bit of interest out there, thanks to a very good friend of mine (and I shall thank him lots) who knows people and is getting me in touch with a lot of sites. Also I am doing shoots for 2xist and some t-shirt designers as well while I'm out there it's all exciting!

I had some new pictures done, now bear in mind I have been a bit all over the place with my hair recently, not knowing what to do with it, grow it, cut it, dye it, I do have a bright ginger/orange mohawk in them, so probably not the best for showing myself of really haha, but they are nice terms of I love making photos look weird and jazzy.

I think I had my first wet dream the other night too...bit odd, but the dream was HOT! Not gonna mention names as to who was in it, but I follow a fair few of them on Twitter, and my GOD, I woke up with hot flushes, a damp crotch/chest and a hard on that wouldn't move for ages!

I went on a spree with downloading apps for my iPhone the other day and downloaded most of the gay chat things on there...I was horny and wanted to see if I could get someone round....(I didn't) but I did discover the Recon app, now I have been on Recon for many years but never really done anything on there...but wow there are some hot guys on there, and dirty fuckers as well! Also the app called Scruff is good for muscly hairy guys...nom nom nom!

Speaking of which I have just got a message on there haha!

Right, I promise I will try to update this as often as possible....I am looking for an app for blogger, I hope there is one, if there is I'll update daily!

Bye for now


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How Ironic....!

Went for me early morning stroll today down Blackpool you do.

I find it clears my head, relaxes me and gives me a killer arse! Anyway, I have my iPhone playing some feel good songs, to cheer me up and make me smile (as I've been feeling extremely low the past few days). I was walking past Blackpool Tower, and for those of you that don't know, Blackpool Towers is a smaller, cheaper, dirtier version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Anyway, I was walking past the Tower and a song came on my iPhone which made me giggle...Jump - Van made me giggle cause I was right next to the Tower and there were workmen half way up painting it. I have a sick mind I know.

On the walk back I walked past the Tower again, and one again my iPhone decided to play another ironic song, Jump - Girls Aloud (gay I know), again I giggled...

Now in hindsight I should have seen these two songs as a warning....cause when I got home, I had to jump over a set of ladders that were on the floor (my apartment is in the process of being redecorated etc) as I went to jump over said ladders, my foot got caught and I fell flat on my face!

I now have a bloody nose and a sore face...god dam!

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Woohoo, my first scene where I'm a top (like ever) has just been released on! I'm fucking the rather dishy Brez Wild while he is suspended from the roof by his hands and ankles...was fun filming and not bad for my first time topping on camera.

I had a look on the site and the scene which I am most proud of is coming soon, it;s my watersports scene with Kenzie Walker and McKenzie Maddison (I know, lots of Kenzie's about right?) But that's my favourite scene I've done as a top so far...but many more to come =D!

I am still hooked on the idea of starting my own website, but for the time being, seeing as I have no idea how to run one, I'm just going to do some naughty pictures and videos (amateur style) and stick them on what would you like to see me do?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Things are looking up for 2011!

This year so far has already had ups and downs, but hopefully *fingers crossed* it's all gonna be good from now on!

I've already nearly completed one of my things to do in 2011 and that's to visit LA, I might be going over there from the 24th of March to the 25th of April! I just need to get the money for the airfare, and it's really cheap to, with one change at Dublin, leaving from Manchester. But that's not definite yet, but hopefully i'll be going! And if I do go, i've already got some work out there which I'm super excited about! A few porn shoots and a music video photoshoot/videoshoot thingy =D

I'm still in the process of decorating my flat, making it look pretty and presentable, once that's done and i've got everything sorted I need to, I'll be able to do more updates and more photos and naughty videos ;-) so keep you eyes peeled for more updates ;-)

So, yeah...the downsides are my real job can't decide what they're doing with my shifts, so i'm covering 2 peoples shifts and doing full time hours...or so they say. It's really made me ill not having days off and being in work 24/7 so I'm taking time off due to being very ill and stuff.

I think I'm going to hand my notice in and apply for something else

Anyway, chat soon