Thursday, 3 March 2011

Never drink.....ever

After last night I am now never drinking again....till the next time.

I was drinking that lovely drink, Stella Artois...and having a few shots, ended up in a delightful local venue, Kaos watching the legend that is Miss Chris D'Bray, she was actually really good. One of my mates started telling his friends that I had, and I quote, "a massive cock". They asked me to prove it, and not one for backing down or losing I got my cock out in full view of the entire bar. On the upside, I got a lot of drinks bought for me for the rest of the night, on the downside, I did end up going home alone lol.

I also mentioned last night on Twitter that I have recently discovered some new fetishes that I am willing to try or am interested in...some are quite embarrassing, or would seem a bit weird lol, so I'm not gonna mention them just yet haha

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