Sunday, 27 March 2011

Well, here I am!!

I've landed in sunny LA....well it was sunny before I got here, I think I brought the best of the British weather here with me, however it's still rather warm an I have been out in summer a typical Brit, I've gone to somewhere warm, and come hell or high water I WILL wear the shorts and small clothes I have brought with me!

I went to the Tom of Finland Art Festival yesterday with Jack Manly, Gambit244, Tommy Wells and FanFourskin. It was a really great day to see a lot of amazing artwork and I met SoldOutClothing and Starrfucker AND Jayden Grey. I also saw some rather dishy men in leather an other saucy it was a day well worth while haha.

The other day I went out with FanFourskin an Gambit244 to dinner then we had a stroll down the gay street, saw a lot of interesting things an I even went into Chi Chi La Rue's store...I've done so much an I've only been here like 2 days haha!

Roll on Phoenix Forum and many other exciting things, like April the 21st when I'm at Cocktails With The Stars @ Mickeys alongside Mason Garet (fetish star), now THAT should be a good laugh.

Well, I'll get some pictures up asap, but untill then I'll keep you informed...over and out


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