Friday, 12 November 2010

New stuff

Hey all...

Well, what a month this has been, it's getting far too close to Christmas for my liking...I best start thinking about presents and stuff :-S

Anyway, I went and did a duo for the other week, and it's up on the site already! How awesome is that! There is the link if you wanna go have a look hehe. I was working with the amazing Steven Prior, and as always, it's a pleasure to work with him hehe

So yeah, aside from that I've been pretty boring, nothing much fun has happened to me...apart from I met a guy the other night and he decided he was gonna be a bit rough, and ended up, fucking my throat, there's no other words to describe was rather nice actually, although I did feel like I was about to die from lack of air at one point. He was quite fit too, a gym instructor, hairy, muscled...I'm getting myself turned on again just thinking about it.

On a different note, I have changed my hair colour (again) and it is now a dark red/ginger colour, it actually looks quite nice to be honest haha. I do however have a mohawk as well, so it's a bit extreme. I am in two minds wether to shave it off or not, and go down to a number 1 or 2 all over...what do you think?