Friday, 2 September 2011


I have had a funny old day today. I found myself smiling for no reason (or what I thought was no reason) at times and I couldn’t help it, I also felt really emotional and sometimes like I wanted to burst into tears. It was annoying me cause it just felt so random and spontaneous…then it clicked. At some point during the day I had heard a song that I only ever heard while I was in LA and it must have subconsciously triggered a serious of memories of my time there.

I honestly do miss LA and it’s the only place I can say where I have felt comfortable being me, outside of porn and inside of it, and you know what, I liked it. I didn’t have to conform to a stereotype, or be something I am not. I didn’t have to cope with bitchy scene queens, or homophobic straights. I was comfortable being in a healthy, sunny, open environment…and it suited me.

Some of the memories I had were me, @FanForeskin and @Gambit244 (both amazing dear friends) going to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the day, a theme park I have wanted to go to for years, finally getting to ride X (or X2 as it is now known) and Superman.

Going to a big night out at the Hollywood Paladium with @thewillem and @theculp and seeing a performer sing on stage called Zoe Badwi who was amazing! Also the gogo dancers there were brilliant, able to do so much sexual, erotic dancing I loved it!

Shooting scenes with @AdamRussoXXX, @Alternadudes, @FanForeskin and others which was a truly amazing experience for me.

Meeting porn stars and personalities such as @Brent_Everett, @DjChiChiLaRue, Dean Monroe, Steven Daigle, Scottie Brooks, Mason Garret (who I did Cocktails with the Stars with), @Steve_Pena, @FabscoutHoward, Philip Ashton, Cody Cummings, Samuel O’Toole, Marcus Mojo, Jake Lyons…and many more.

Going to the Phoenix Forum in AZ and meeting a ton of industry people, both gay and straight, including @HotHouseXXX, @NextDoorStudios and others. It was an amazing time, and SO hot! Trust me, being British in a place like that gets you a lot of attention haha…and apparently so does having a foreskin.

Going to EatWell most mornings for breakfast/dinner with @FanForeskin, @Gambit244 and @TommyWellsNet…you can’t beat a hobo sandwich!

And the best one of all, my true dear friend and a true gentleman. The guy who put up with me for a month and was extremely hospitable. An amazing guy, @Gambit244

So this is what has been going through my head all day, and to be honest, I love these memories and will cherish them for the rest of my life. I just wish I could go back sooner