Friday, 8 July 2011

Is furious with Orange mobile and this is fucking why!

I owed them £171.95 in March of this year, which I paid in cash a week before I went to America at the Hanley branch. My phone got reconnected and everything was fine, as I had paid up, and phone was working again.

I go away to America in March till April, get back to a letter saying I owe them £ How?! I had paid up before I went away. Anyway I rang them and they said they would sort it for me.

Two months later I get another letter from them saying I owe £290.37...I thought this had been sorted ffs! I rang again, to get the same response.

This morning I opened a letter, and I swear I nearly exploded! They have taken me to a debt collectors for £744.02, now how the fuck in the space of a month can the bill jump from £290.37 up to £744.02? This is completely outrageous and I have sent them a huge ranting email demanding to know what the hell is going on. They have given me till the 13th of this month to pay it all in full. I DO NOT owe that amount of money, this all stemmed from an error caused by one of their fucking employees, they will have to sort their error out, and not demand money from me!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rude awakening

After staying up till God knows what time last night painting my bedroom, I finally hit the sack. Nice nights sleep and caught up on the sleep I have been missing.

Now, it's important to know I sleep naked...and if on my own in the apartment I walk round naked to. So remember that bit.

I was rudely awoken this morning to the sound of a brash cockney female accent shouting (rather loudly and repeatedly) "Tell me what I've done! Tell me what I've fucking done!". This annyance prompted me to get up out of bed (nude still) and go to my bedroom window. I live on the top floor, so I looked out the window to see two police vans and about 7 police men stood at the house next-door to mine and a big crowd, this is where I assumed where the ruckus was coming from. I ignored it and went back to bed. The voice carried on shouting, so I decided to go look through my front room window, nothing. Bathroom window, nothing. Bedroom window, nothing...this was starting to do my head in now. I could not find the source of this voice for the life of me...

...then I went to the bathroom for a piss. Stood there pissing and I looked out my bedroom window, above the houses opposite me, to see a figure stood on the roof looking straight through my window. THAT was the source of the voice...this annoying short dumpy lesbian Harry Potter look-a-like!

And I spent about half an hour walking round looking down at the street not thinking to look up, everything on show, flapping in the breeze for this psycho dyke to gawk at... in true British tradition, I leant out the window and shouted "Jump you stupid cow!"

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Medical mayhem and unsure doctors

Ok, here's the verdict
After my bad stomach pain last night, that went from my ribcage down to my bollocks, I went to the hospital and had various tests and pokings and prod dings. And after all the the doctor STILL didn’t know what was up with me for definite. This is his conclusion:

1 - a cyst on my testicle or the tubing connected to the testicle (which would explain why there was blood in my cum a few days ago)

2 - a problem with my colon, he didn’t say what, just a “problem”


3 - kidney stones

He gave me a few bits of medication to take…so hopefully that will knock whatever it is on the head. On the up side, this morning I am feeling a bit better, still a dull ache in my stomach and bollocks but no where near as bad as what it was last night. Walked into the kitchen and my mum immediately said “fucking hell you look ill! You’re dead pale!” and for someonewhp has been to America and Gran Canaria and come back with a killer tan that’s not a good thing. I managed to eat a bacon sandwich this morning and it stayed down, so far so good.

Fingers crossed ill be ok, but in the mean time…come give me huggles and feed me chocolate *ill Kieron*

Monday, 4 July 2011

The things you never knew've read some of my tweets, you've seen some of my blogs...hell, you may have even watch me have sex. But there are things about me you don't know, some minor and trivial...some big and important. So here goes, gonna open up that little bit more...enjoy

- I am petrified of clowns and spiders.
- I have a huge fear of being alone when I'm older
- Even though I come across as being confident, I am very shy and insecure
- I am a big family man, my family come first
- A huge romantic at heart
- I've done 7 DVD's and over 15 different websites in the UK, USA and Europe
- My day job is bar work and promotions, but I also do my own work on my website and photo manipulation for wedding photos, portfolios and other projects
- I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers
- My favourite colour is Green
- I've had cancer in my leg (bone cancer) when I was 13
- When drunk I am prone to self pitying tweets, bitchy comments and/or loving everyone
- I LOVE the USA and I loved Hollywood when I was there
- I'm a secret geek shhhhh lol
- I WAS Cillian Murphy's body double for a film (regardless what a certain person says)
- I can self-fuck, as was seen on my solo video
- I have worked with my on and off screen partner Steven Prior a total of 4 times
- I have two tattoo's and planning on getting more
- Even though I am quite slim, I do eat a shit load and currently weigh 11st
- I spend my weekends walking round on stilts in silly costumes promoting clubs (yay)
- Aside from porn I do normal modelling as and when the work comes up
- I can fit 33 M&Ms in my foreskin (could have gotten more but the chocolate melted and made my fingers slippy lol)
- I have 4 piercings, getting some more soon as well
- I used to work at Alton Towers theme park in the UK...big theme park geek
- I still get star-struck when meeting my porn Brent Everett and Chi Chi La Rue
- I've only ever had one proper partner, Steven Prior
- When I was younger I was my grandparents carer, as my nan is blind and my grandad is deaf
- I can speak French and very basic Spanish, and I'm learning German
- I write poetry, songs and stories in my spare time, just to write down what I'm feeling
- Aside from being in front of the camera, I have a keen eye as a photographer

Well that's all for now..pretty pointless post, but hey ho...least you know a bit more hehe.