Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Medical mayhem and unsure doctors

Ok, here's the verdict
After my bad stomach pain last night, that went from my ribcage down to my bollocks, I went to the hospital and had various tests and pokings and prod dings. And after all the the doctor STILL didn’t know what was up with me for definite. This is his conclusion:

1 - a cyst on my testicle or the tubing connected to the testicle (which would explain why there was blood in my cum a few days ago)

2 - a problem with my colon, he didn’t say what, just a “problem”


3 - kidney stones

He gave me a few bits of medication to take…so hopefully that will knock whatever it is on the head. On the up side, this morning I am feeling a bit better, still a dull ache in my stomach and bollocks but no where near as bad as what it was last night. Walked into the kitchen and my mum immediately said “fucking hell you look ill! You’re dead pale!” and for someonewhp has been to America and Gran Canaria and come back with a killer tan that’s not a good thing. I managed to eat a bacon sandwich this morning and it stayed down, so far so good.

Fingers crossed ill be ok, but in the mean time…come give me huggles and feed me chocolate *ill Kieron*

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