Friday, 8 July 2011

Is furious with Orange mobile and this is fucking why!

I owed them £171.95 in March of this year, which I paid in cash a week before I went to America at the Hanley branch. My phone got reconnected and everything was fine, as I had paid up, and phone was working again.

I go away to America in March till April, get back to a letter saying I owe them £ How?! I had paid up before I went away. Anyway I rang them and they said they would sort it for me.

Two months later I get another letter from them saying I owe £290.37...I thought this had been sorted ffs! I rang again, to get the same response.

This morning I opened a letter, and I swear I nearly exploded! They have taken me to a debt collectors for £744.02, now how the fuck in the space of a month can the bill jump from £290.37 up to £744.02? This is completely outrageous and I have sent them a huge ranting email demanding to know what the hell is going on. They have given me till the 13th of this month to pay it all in full. I DO NOT owe that amount of money, this all stemmed from an error caused by one of their fucking employees, they will have to sort their error out, and not demand money from me!

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