Saturday, 30 April 2011

Right, this is going to fucking far now!

After I thought we had an agreement to just drop everything and not mention each other again, the prick that calls himself @the_mugwump on twitter has now apparently told my mum about me doing porn, and she is now posing as someone on twitter to find out more about me. This is what I've heard. Now I don't know how much of this is true, it might be a huge wind up, in which case it's a bit of a sick one involving family as I've not mentioned his mum once. But if it is true and he has told here, I will go ballistic.

It's not just that, he is still slagging me off, he really should get over it and learn to grow the fuck up! He's like a child for fucks sake. I really do urge you to keep your distance with this guy as he is really mentally unstable from what I have seen, and I'm not the only one to make that comment.

There is or was no need to bring my mum into this, as it's not something that should really be discussed within the family. He quite happily went and did a porn shoot for a magazine an told his mum about it, I don't know about you but I think that's weird. It's not effecting my family, I'm not using my families name, so it shouldn't be an issue. Yet he has made it into one by getting extremely personal and involving my family. I'm not going to be that sick or twisted to start spreading shit around about him to his mum, that would be uncalled for, so im going to be the better man and not say anything about his mum.

But seriously, if any of you follow him or are close friends with him, beware...he is seriously deranged and will stop at nothing to try to fuck your life up if you don't date him or sleep with him or acknowledge him.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Ok let's get serious for a moment

Just for a moment yet...

I'm currently lay on the bed at my future new house watching a spiderweb blow under the breeze of the air conditioning and wondering what awaits me when I get back to the UK. I have nothing there, no social life, no friends nearby, no job, a small and very shitty apartment, a family that rarely speaks to each other, an ex that is kinda fucking with my mind by telling me he hates me one minute the misses me the next and wants me to go fuck him. So it's making me realise how much I want to move away and start again, yet I've been accused by a couple of people of running away from the hard time and running away from my problems.

I have always tried to fight the stuff against me, and I'm a stubborn fucker, so things that I would class as "problems" wouldn't make me want to leave the country I was raised in. Tere has to be something deeper right?

Drunken tweet of the night

Well, tonight kinda proved that I am either highly unattractive or I have so e kind of odour or skin disease that I am not aware of. I was out on my own for a period tonight waiting for a friend. I was watching the dancers in a bar called Mickeys, you remember, the one I was at for Cocktails with the Stars. Anyway, the dancers were all buff an hot an very good looking, which kinda made me realise why no one liked me dancing when I was I'm the UK...cause I'm skinny, pale and thin...yes I can actually dance and pack out a pair of u derwear, but that evidently isn't enough.

I eventually met my friend and went to the Abbey, fed up of being on my own and very horny from a sexual experience that was probably one of the worst I've ever had. It was a threesome with a fellow porn star and a random guy. The porn star guy is another rant in a min. Anyway, I hated the Abbey so I left and ended up back in Mickeys for a small time, cause I was wide awake and horny.

I saw the porn star guy there, and he kinda seemed off with me and blanked me a few times, kinda made me feel used as he said he had a flight at 9 that night and was still in LA out in a club and said his flight had been changed again.

But yeh, I was stood on my own all night, and it was funny cause at times there was no one stood even near me. It seems the only time people show interest in me is if im in an enviroment where sex is implied, I.e. A sauna or sex party. And even then most of the time they assume I'm a bottom and willing to take anything. It kinda annoys me that when I'm clothed and in a normal environment I don't get nothing...and when I am looking for more than just a fuck (which I rarely get off camera by the way, and that does make a huge difference) it really depresses me.

So what am I doing wrong? Yeah I'm shy, and I can't approach people to talk to them cause if past bad experiences and I am far to shy. But I am a very sexual person...I do wash so hopefully I don't smell, I try to look decent without going too overboard. But yet still no one who is my type, which is a wide range by the way, shows interest.

I know I'm probably asking for a lot for people to come to me, but I truly am SO shy, it's cringeworthy.

Can I get answers on a postcard please, cause I really don't know what the fuck I'm doing wrong here.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Ok I'd like to apologies about one thing as I know it was my mistake that I didn't take the blog post regarding a certain individual down sooner. It was my mistake and I acknowledge that, however I did have other important things on my mind...I.e. Breathing and general day to day stuff. It is now deleted, even though said person and his friend are starting again due to said mistake. I did receive a message from said persons friend calling me a ugly cunt, etc. This person got involved where they didn't really need to be, so anything said to them will not be apologized for as they threw themselves in the line of fire and are now getting offensive and threatening because I responded. People who have no idea what's going on and yet slate someone based on someone's else's opinion are sheep...simple. But back to the main issue, I would like to apologize for not taking the blog post down sooner, it's down now...end of

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Ok am I being silly or is it possible to have puberty twice? haha! I am getting sweaty, a bit spotty (not nice I know), I am horny 24/7...even more so than usual, and my cock seems to have grown a bit more as I just finishing off the puberty I started when I was younger or am I having another bout? I can cope with the horny part and the cock bit, but not the spots and the sweaty bit...I feel like a horny hung tramp!

On a lighter note, I managed to put that horniness to some good use these past two days, as I went to Palm Springs with @FanForeskin and @EthanRobertsXXX to do some shoots and to get some stuff for my website which is getting along quite nicely now. Ethan is such a lovely guy and SOOOO hot. His accent had me melting more than the Sun I might add...which also didn't help with my constant hard on...honestly it was up and down like a freakin' yoyo!

I am at Cocktails With The Stars tomorrow at Mickeys in West Hollywood, so if you're in the area I'd love to see you =D

Anyway, I'm gonna enjoy my last few days in the US before I go back to the lovely UK :-\

Over and out

P.S. Here are some pics from my time in Palm Springs....cation, these are BIG photos

Friday, 15 April 2011

And now, the end is near...

...and so I face, the final week of me being here in LA *cries*

I have made so many good friends here it's untrue...and funny. I've managed to make more friends here in the space of a month than I have ever anywhere else in the UK. And you know what....I like it.

Went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today, ultimately one of the best theme parks in the world. I have to say, I don't get scared by roller coasters, but there were one or two there that had me a little nervous at some points. I went with my two very VERY dear and close friends FanForeskin and Gambit244.

Now, next week, being my last is naturally a bit jam packed of if I don't blog till the end of my trip, that's why.

Kinda read some things tonight on Twitter I didn't really want to see...but hey ho, a day in the life an all that shizzle

So i'm off to a party tonight in Long Beach for the Alternadudes website...see ya soon

Ooo also if you're in the WeHo area on Thursday the 21st of April, come to Cocktails With The Stars at Mickeys @ 6pm as I'm there with Mason Garret for the Easter Special

Monday, 11 April 2011

New website coming soon

Well you've probably heard me chatting about setting up a website. Well I have had some content filmed and photos taken so I suppose now is a better time than any to set it up. It's a good job I know how to do graphic design so I'm attempting to do all the logos and design of it myself.

I gave the logo a shot today and this is what I came up with:

What do you think?

It's meant to look like a tattoo (which I might get at some point minus the XXX)

It's all a work in progress but keep your eyes peeled =D

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Generic Blog....but with pictures :-O

Well last night was a funny one to say the least...started off quite well, I met porn superstar Brent Everett an his hubby Steve Pena. Also saw Seth Roberts, Scottie Brooks and Brandon Wilde. Was a plethora of porn last night (I love that word, plethora).

So yeah. Having a great time out here in the US of A. Not really missing England to be honest, then again there is nothing for me there to miss haha. Gambit244 the guy I've been spending a lot of time with is becoming such a good friend. He was there to listen to me whine an moan about recent events back home, has invited me out to places I would never have thought of going to before. So yeah, he's a great guy an such a lovely person.

Here are a few pics from my US adventure....sorry for the generic blog. Just felt like writing some shit lol

Yes one of those is Steven Daigle eating an ice cube out of my foreskin...and another is him pulling on it to see how far it will go haha

Monday, 4 April 2011

Phoenix Forum, Ice Cubes and Emotional Roller coasters...oh my!

Well, just landed back in West Hollywood, CA from the Phoenix Forum, and all I can say! What a weekend that was! (well it was actually from Thursday to Saturday but lets not quibble over definitions ha!)

The first day on Thursday was pretty much basic and getting around, had a few seminars, I now know how to so a lot of things regarding website management and stuff if I ever get my website off the ground....oh yeah by the way I'm doing a website haha! But I also spent some time networking and getting contacts, with great help from @fanforeskin, @Gambit244 and @tommywellsnet. I can't thank those guys enough! I met some amazing people at the forum, and some not so great but the experience was still a good one.

The next few days I spent either by the pool in the 104 Fahrenheit weather (t'was hot) or wandering round chatting to people. I saw and spoke to a few porn stars including, Kyle King, Steven Daigle, Phillip Ashton, Zack Randall, Samuel O'Toole, Austin Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Donny Wright and Tyler Torro. I met a few producers and companies too...including (lol); Alternadudes, Hot House, Next Door Buddies, Man Handled, Jake Cruise, Cybersocket, Fab Scout and a few others.

Managed to get a few bits an pieces of work out of it too ;-)

Now the Ice a few of you may have seen on Twitter...a certain Mr. Steven Daigle saw me wearing a shirt for the new website coming soon and asked me if I had a foreskin an other questions, to which the owner of the site promptly answered. A few hours passed and I was beside the pool with @tommywellsnet and Steven Daigle asked me to come over and then asked me to get my cock out to show him, Austin Wilde, Donny Wright, Fab Scout Howard, Phillip Ashton, and a few others my foreskin. I was shy at first but then realized where I was and went to get my cock out. They seemed to like it, I put my cock away and thought nothing of it. A bit later he came back an asked me to get it out again...I did, and he put an ice cube inside my foreskin to see the, well I suppose capacity of it, someone then dared him to eat the ice cube from out of my foreskin...too which he did! This is all on photo evidence haha! It happened again, in the club BS West later that night...I never actually thought a foreskin would be useful for anything...but apparently it has its uses and people like it, so thank you mum and dad for not having it chopped off when I was little haha.

The emotional roller coaster....well I was starting to enjoy myself after my little spat with a certain person, and trying to forget about stuff when I had a bit of an argument with my ex. Things were said that were a bit hurtful, but they've been said now, they're out in the open...nothing much really can be done about it I suppose now. I do still feel a lot for him, an I know I need to move on with my's just rather hard at the moment, as him and my family were the only things keeping me in the UK...sounds dramatic I know. My family I can visit often, this is if I move to the US, which I'm seriously considering doing, as my only ties to the UK now (aside from family) have been cut. But we shall see in due course, mainly cause I got nothing to go back to the UK for...aside from a crappy apartment, no social life or friends and no job...not good times.

Ah well, I'll just do what I do best and keep smiling and fighting on, it's what I do best these days haha...but on a lighter note, photos from my USA adventure will be posted up here soon no doubt :-P so keep an eye out for some juicy pics hehe


Friday, 1 April 2011

Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix....YAY learning!

Well I'm currently in Phoenix, AZ for the 2011 Phoenix Forum. Hot weather, hot guys and free booze...what more can you want?! I already did some networking and I must say I have met some interesting people, and some potential work opportunities as well. So far I've met...Kyle King, Jake Lyons, Young Latin Studs, Alternadudes, Corbin Fisher, Man Handled, Xtreme Restraints, Blu Kennedy, Bel Ami Alan, Fantastic Foreskin, TommyWells.Net, Jack Manly, Gambit244, Jason Sparks...and I also saw, Cody Cummings, Tyler Torro, Marcus Mojo, Austin Wilde, Phillip Ashton, Samuel O'Toole, Jake Cruise and many more...Awesome!

Today I'm not attending the seminars as there is nothing on for me today, however I am going to be there by the pool catching some sun as it's going to be an amazing 36 degrees Celsius today :-0 That's like, hotter than anything we ever get in England...I am in the desert though so it's kinda part and parcel I suppose.

So, for the rest of the day while the people of porn are, as Fantastic Foreskin would say LEARNING...I'll be beside the pool TANNING as I feel like a bit of a Legally Blonde moment haha