Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Generic Blog....but with pictures :-O

Well last night was a funny one to say the least...started off quite well, I met porn superstar Brent Everett an his hubby Steve Pena. Also saw Seth Roberts, Scottie Brooks and Brandon Wilde. Was a plethora of porn last night (I love that word, plethora).

So yeah. Having a great time out here in the US of A. Not really missing England to be honest, then again there is nothing for me there to miss haha. Gambit244 the guy I've been spending a lot of time with is becoming such a good friend. He was there to listen to me whine an moan about recent events back home, has invited me out to places I would never have thought of going to before. So yeah, he's a great guy an such a lovely person.

Here are a few pics from my US adventure....sorry for the generic blog. Just felt like writing some shit lol

Yes one of those is Steven Daigle eating an ice cube out of my foreskin...and another is him pulling on it to see how far it will go haha

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