Monday, 25 April 2011

Ok let's get serious for a moment

Just for a moment yet...

I'm currently lay on the bed at my future new house watching a spiderweb blow under the breeze of the air conditioning and wondering what awaits me when I get back to the UK. I have nothing there, no social life, no friends nearby, no job, a small and very shitty apartment, a family that rarely speaks to each other, an ex that is kinda fucking with my mind by telling me he hates me one minute the misses me the next and wants me to go fuck him. So it's making me realise how much I want to move away and start again, yet I've been accused by a couple of people of running away from the hard time and running away from my problems.

I have always tried to fight the stuff against me, and I'm a stubborn fucker, so things that I would class as "problems" wouldn't make me want to leave the country I was raised in. Tere has to be something deeper right?


  1. OK, I'm going to be serious with you for a moment. Actually, I always have been serious with you even when I'm flirting with you.

    But in regards to this revelation, your situation back in the UK is a bad one without a doubt. But I do feel you are running away to something that is of no guarantee - porn. If that is your plan, PLEASE take note that the porn biz is too much of a revolving door for you to leave your life in the UK over.

    This is by means is me saying that you might not need a new start outside the UK. Because you very well might. But if you're considering leaving the UK for the porn industry here in the U.S. I strongly advise you to reconsider. Use your other talents to a make you find something more long-term and substantial, THEN consider leaving the UK if you must do so.

    I'm pulling for you because the fact that you are taking note of your situation makes me not want to see you become another bad porn statistic. And if you act too rash, you just might become one.

    Peace, Love, and have The Faith,

  2. Oh no it's not porn, thats a good bonus if I get it. It's just life I'm general I want to change

  3. Kieron,

    One of the greatest things I ever did in my early 20's was to pack up all my stuff and move from the small town in Texas I had lived my whole life and moved to a big city on the US East coast. I had a lot of the same issues you described in your post. No social life, no job, shitty appartment, distant family, etc.

    Moving to a new city gave me a chance to find myself. People told me that I too was running away from my problems, but I took a chance and never looked back.
    Though I was VERY lonely for the first few months, as I truely knew no one, in time I made a few frinds, and in time came to love my new home.

    You already know at least one person in LA (Your cuddle buddy Ethan Roberts) and I'm sure in time you will realize that moving away from what is hurting you in the UK to a new live in LA is a great way to get a new start.

    Good Luck!

  4. I moved from Orange County to West Hollywood 13 years ago. It wasn't as far as the move you're considering, but it seemed like a world away at the time. It was the best thing I ever did. I wasn't running AWAY from anything. I was running TO a new life. I've never regretted the move. It felt like coming home.


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