Thursday, 21 April 2011


Ok I'd like to apologies about one thing as I know it was my mistake that I didn't take the blog post regarding a certain individual down sooner. It was my mistake and I acknowledge that, however I did have other important things on my mind...I.e. Breathing and general day to day stuff. It is now deleted, even though said person and his friend are starting again due to said mistake. I did receive a message from said persons friend calling me a ugly cunt, etc. This person got involved where they didn't really need to be, so anything said to them will not be apologized for as they threw themselves in the line of fire and are now getting offensive and threatening because I responded. People who have no idea what's going on and yet slate someone based on someone's else's opinion are sheep...simple. But back to the main issue, I would like to apologize for not taking the blog post down sooner, it's down now...end of

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