Monday, 4 April 2011

Phoenix Forum, Ice Cubes and Emotional Roller coasters...oh my!

Well, just landed back in West Hollywood, CA from the Phoenix Forum, and all I can say! What a weekend that was! (well it was actually from Thursday to Saturday but lets not quibble over definitions ha!)

The first day on Thursday was pretty much basic and getting around, had a few seminars, I now know how to so a lot of things regarding website management and stuff if I ever get my website off the ground....oh yeah by the way I'm doing a website haha! But I also spent some time networking and getting contacts, with great help from @fanforeskin, @Gambit244 and @tommywellsnet. I can't thank those guys enough! I met some amazing people at the forum, and some not so great but the experience was still a good one.

The next few days I spent either by the pool in the 104 Fahrenheit weather (t'was hot) or wandering round chatting to people. I saw and spoke to a few porn stars including, Kyle King, Steven Daigle, Phillip Ashton, Zack Randall, Samuel O'Toole, Austin Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Donny Wright and Tyler Torro. I met a few producers and companies too...including (lol); Alternadudes, Hot House, Next Door Buddies, Man Handled, Jake Cruise, Cybersocket, Fab Scout and a few others.

Managed to get a few bits an pieces of work out of it too ;-)

Now the Ice a few of you may have seen on Twitter...a certain Mr. Steven Daigle saw me wearing a shirt for the new website coming soon and asked me if I had a foreskin an other questions, to which the owner of the site promptly answered. A few hours passed and I was beside the pool with @tommywellsnet and Steven Daigle asked me to come over and then asked me to get my cock out to show him, Austin Wilde, Donny Wright, Fab Scout Howard, Phillip Ashton, and a few others my foreskin. I was shy at first but then realized where I was and went to get my cock out. They seemed to like it, I put my cock away and thought nothing of it. A bit later he came back an asked me to get it out again...I did, and he put an ice cube inside my foreskin to see the, well I suppose capacity of it, someone then dared him to eat the ice cube from out of my foreskin...too which he did! This is all on photo evidence haha! It happened again, in the club BS West later that night...I never actually thought a foreskin would be useful for anything...but apparently it has its uses and people like it, so thank you mum and dad for not having it chopped off when I was little haha.

The emotional roller coaster....well I was starting to enjoy myself after my little spat with a certain person, and trying to forget about stuff when I had a bit of an argument with my ex. Things were said that were a bit hurtful, but they've been said now, they're out in the open...nothing much really can be done about it I suppose now. I do still feel a lot for him, an I know I need to move on with my's just rather hard at the moment, as him and my family were the only things keeping me in the UK...sounds dramatic I know. My family I can visit often, this is if I move to the US, which I'm seriously considering doing, as my only ties to the UK now (aside from family) have been cut. But we shall see in due course, mainly cause I got nothing to go back to the UK for...aside from a crappy apartment, no social life or friends and no job...not good times.

Ah well, I'll just do what I do best and keep smiling and fighting on, it's what I do best these days haha...but on a lighter note, photos from my USA adventure will be posted up here soon no doubt :-P so keep an eye out for some juicy pics hehe



  1. would you put an ice-cube in your foreskin in Blackpool though?

  2. You were a true gentleman and a trooper!! Thanks for being a good sport!! You rock mister!! See you soon!!

  3. No Graeme as it's already FAr too cold there haha! Aww thanks stdspd11 =D


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