Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Its all confirmed!

OMG YAY! LA is going ahead! 24th of March to the 25th of April, a whole month of fun, sun an hot men! I've never been to the states before so it'll all be so exciting!

I am going to be going to Six Flags Magic Mountain when I'm out there, I've always wanted to go and now I am doing, I'll be like a kid at Christmas!

Also I'm hoping to get some work while I'm out there...and I'll be going to the Phoenix Forum in Arizona for a trip out woop! There is so much to tell you all, but I am so excited all manner of logic, spelling, grammar, words elude me....so i'll settle for this simple yet descriptive sentance...

OMFGI'MGOINGTOLAOMFG!!!!!! *jumps around the kitchen clapping*

On another note, I went to the job centre this morning and on the way I saw a guy in his underwear hoovering his front room, he was hot. The security guard at the job centre as HOT, skin head, muscled as hell, baby face and an amazing ass and bulge! Then the place filled up with hot chavs in grey joggers...I got very horny and had to stand behind a potted plant to hide my hard on haha

Monday, 7 February 2011

do u think there r hidden cameras n public bathrooms?

If there are, why have I not got access?

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would it b consider cheating, if ur wife or husband masturbate 2 a magazine or internet porn?

No....but I would say that being in porn

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whats the best effective exercise for the abs, in ur opinion?

I don't know....I don't have abs lol

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whats the worst way 2 die?

Slowly and painfully.....and more importantly, alone

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have you ever had sex at school, church, work or public bathroom?

I have in school yes...yes at work, and yes in public bathrooms lol

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do u like 2 b asked questions?

As long as they're good ones

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What's the longest you've ever gone without a bath or shower?

A couple of days...I felt a bit filthy afterwards :-S

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Muchos Apologies

I know its been a while, again, however I have no internet in my new place so I am struggling to get on here and update things. So, to recap on my life since my last post.

I am fed up of Blackpool now, its ran its course somewhat quickly and I am starting to despise the place...I want to move back to Manchester, just need someone I can trust to move in with and flatshare as it's damn expensive on your own.

I have been doing more shoots for BoyNapped who are up for 3 (I believe it is) awards at the Cybersocket awards tonight in USA, so thats rather exciting, especially when I'm getting to dominate little twinks on there as well ;-)

My scene from Cazzo came out as well, its on the site now, however they haven't used my full name, but they have for the other two...I don't think I was liked much, but hey ho, I can put that credit to my name.

My little L.A trip is coming along nicely, I seem to be getting a fair bit of interest out there, thanks to a very good friend of mine (and I shall thank him lots) who knows people and is getting me in touch with a lot of sites. Also I am doing shoots for 2xist and some t-shirt designers as well while I'm out there hopefully...so it's all exciting!

I had some new pictures done, now bear in mind I have been a bit all over the place with my hair recently, not knowing what to do with it, grow it, cut it, dye it, etc...so I do have a bright ginger/orange mohawk in them, so probably not the best for showing myself of really haha, but they are nice pics...in terms of photoshop-ability...as I love making photos look weird and jazzy.

I think I had my first wet dream the other night too...bit odd, but the dream was HOT! Not gonna mention names as to who was in it, but I follow a fair few of them on Twitter, and my GOD, I woke up with hot flushes, a damp crotch/chest and a hard on that wouldn't move for ages!

I went on a spree with downloading apps for my iPhone the other day and downloaded most of the gay chat things on there...I was horny and wanted to see if I could get someone round....(I didn't) but I did discover the Recon app, now I have been on Recon for many years but never really done anything on there...but wow there are some hot guys on there, and dirty fuckers as well! Also the app called Scruff is good for muscly hairy guys...nom nom nom!

Speaking of which I have just got a message on there haha!

Right, I promise I will try to update this as often as possible....I am looking for an app for blogger, I hope there is one, if there is I'll update daily!

Bye for now