Friday, 1 April 2011

Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix....YAY learning!

Well I'm currently in Phoenix, AZ for the 2011 Phoenix Forum. Hot weather, hot guys and free booze...what more can you want?! I already did some networking and I must say I have met some interesting people, and some potential work opportunities as well. So far I've met...Kyle King, Jake Lyons, Young Latin Studs, Alternadudes, Corbin Fisher, Man Handled, Xtreme Restraints, Blu Kennedy, Bel Ami Alan, Fantastic Foreskin, TommyWells.Net, Jack Manly, Gambit244, Jason Sparks...and I also saw, Cody Cummings, Tyler Torro, Marcus Mojo, Austin Wilde, Phillip Ashton, Samuel O'Toole, Jake Cruise and many more...Awesome!

Today I'm not attending the seminars as there is nothing on for me today, however I am going to be there by the pool catching some sun as it's going to be an amazing 36 degrees Celsius today :-0 That's like, hotter than anything we ever get in England...I am in the desert though so it's kinda part and parcel I suppose.

So, for the rest of the day while the people of porn are, as Fantastic Foreskin would say LEARNING...I'll be beside the pool TANNING as I feel like a bit of a Legally Blonde moment haha

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