Tuesday, 24 May 2011

On the next episode of Kieron Knight...

Well, what a fucking month! As you know I went to America in March/April (which I fuckng loved and can't wait to get back there), well I came back, was in the UK for a week the I pissed off to Gran Canaria, which for those of you who are asking "where the fuck is Gran Canaria?", it's a small Spanish island off the coast of the Sahara desert...so its bloody hot!

Anyway, I went on my own, again as I did with America. The hotel I stayed in was miles away from anywhere, dirty and you had to pay 15 Euros for 5 days just to hire a kettle! The outside of the apartments was nice, but it was a shit hole. Anyway, I tolerated that for a few days, not staying out at night cause I had to walk back (long story as to why I didn't stay closer but I won't go into that), anyway to cut this ramble down, I ended up getting back with my ex Steven Prior...which was completely not the thing I expected to happen at all haha!

So yes, we're now back to being a porn couple haha.

On a down note, I got back to the UK to my flat to find there was no electricity, no hot water and no heating. I think my landlord is taking the piss! Not a happy chappy as I put enough electricity in there to last me a long fucking time an I hadn't even used half of it since November...an then it all jus disappeared.

So yeah, I'm now looking for porn work as it's kinda drying up a little bit...either no one wants to use me or the porn industry in the UK is drying up

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