Monday, 2 May 2011

What a world, what a life...

Well now I'm back in the UK, and after all the shite from the guy telling my mum about me doing porn, and the hotel for Gran Canaria buggering me about, and only having a select few people wanting to help me an not ignore me...I'm finally happier than I was before.

Me and my mum sat and had a chat last night, and it went 100% better than what I could have ever imagined. She was completely ok with it, and like me, furious at the guy for being a complete douche about it an doing it the way he did.

The funny bit is I have heard from a few sources about how crazy and obsessive he was lol. Anyway my mum now knows and everything is ok *wipes forehead* phew

Next crisis, my hotel in Gran Canaria for pride, they had their room advertised and I booked it the same time as my flight. Had an email on the day of the Royal wedding to say there was a mix up and there were no rooms available after all...cut to me fuming and about to kill someone. Anyway I asked around to see if anyone had any spare space, which I'd happily pay for, and a few people came back, but who aren't going aren't going at the same time. And I don't want to have to sofa hop for anyway, there was one person who has offered me previously to stay on his sofa...after recent issues though, where I'm either being loved or hated ive not yet received a reply, so I'm going to find another hotel, but of a walk to the Yumbo centre but I'll survive.

Next crisis, my laptop blew up a couple of nights ago, luckily this time i backed all my stuff up on a hard drive, so it's safe...I just now can't sync my iPad, continue on my website or view videos on xtube lol. So I need a new laptop

So, hopefully this hotel will have wifi...if not I'll update this an my twitter when I get to a wifi cafe lol

Speak soon xxx

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