Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Been a while

It's been a while since I posted on here, so here goes!

Well I've been here there and everywhere recently, but not really done that much. I'm an exciting person really.. :-/

I went down to London for Stevens birthday, which was fun...he got very drunk bless him haha. But for some reason I ended up in a leather harness chained to the roof by a collar and lead. I forget how that happened and how I ended up staying there for so long haha. I blame the vodka!

Was meant to have a shoot with the amazing @HouseofXY today, but due to not having no money I had to postpone it :-( which is annoying to say the least.

Little bit of an annoyed comment here, but I can't help notice how people who have either only just started out in porn or for a couple of years seem to get all the work. I have been doing porn for 5 years nearly now, and I have done a lot, a lot more than some of these "stars" you see today. Just goes to show you need to be a) a hooker b) in everyone's face about it c) amazing at what they do. Sorry bit of a jealous rant, as certain people seem to be getting all the work I should be getting grrrr lol and also they don't seem to help me after I've helped them. Still waiting on contact from people.

Anyway, no doubt a certain person will be spying on this to see if I mention him so, hi shit head!

I posted a pic on twitter last night that seemed to attract a lot of attention, so I'll post it on here for the memory haha enjoy

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