Sunday, 24 October 2010 this my real mind or my sex mind talking?

Well...I figured out that the last time I had proper sex off camera was far too long ago. I am sexually starved and I am very frustrated because of it.

There is no one round the area I live that is remotely my type...yet I am having dark thoughts about them, thinking stuff in a sexual way!

Last night I stayed at the guys house who I do most of my porn work for these days, I slept downstairs on a blow-up mattress...half way through the night (and I can't remember this) I got up, took the bed up two flights of stairs and put it down next to the bed of the porn producer and started to hump it and speak loudly in my sleep. Now I know I'm already a sexsomniac (I have sex in my sleep, or try to at least) which is either good news or bad news for people who sleep next to me. But I've never managed to walk very far in my sleep.

I am so god damn horny though, it's untrue!

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