Saturday, 23 October 2010

Drunken Antics

My head is somewhat fuzzy! I am really not drinking again (till the next time).

The night started off fairly gentle, we we're only meant to be going out for a few drinks to leave the house while we fumigated it (our cats have fleas booo). 3 Guinness's and 4 double vodka's and coke later, we decided to go for a bit of a dance and cheap drinks at the local gay club. This was the beginning of the end as it were.

My flatmates Mark and Quin came out with me and they were just as bad...I ended up loosing them at some point and had to entertain my, very drunken, self. I ended up getting off with a woman who wasn't too good looking, but I can't complain because she was the only fucker who actually came up to me and made a move. There is probably god reason for this cause I was completely and utterly smashed and I looked like a total tramp. I did end up getting a drink chucked over me by some militant little dyke who doesn't like men full stop. I fell down the stairs and chucked a drink over me...I ended up wearing most of my drinks rather than consuming them.

My elbow is very sore though from where I fell down the stairs...luckily I don't think anyone actually saw me do it, because it was rather embarrassing.

I have woken up very horny this morning though, and I very nearly had a good old blowjob from the local chav lad who "isn't gay" in the cottage near my house...but I was a good boy...also it's because he left before I could make a move lmao!

I sound like such a pervert....well guess what. I AM!

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