Thursday, 21 October 2010


Hey all!

Just done a shoot today for, it was only a solo, but it was damn good fun! The guys there are really friendly and it;s very relaxed. I think I'll definitely be going back there soon haha!

It was quite surreal and it proves how small the gay porn world is in the UK. I was getting on my train, casually Tweeting away on my iPhone and then J.P. Dubois (another gay UK porn star) was on the same train going to a shoot with Blakemason...of all the trains on all the days, we were both on the same one sat opposite each other haha! So he put in a good word for me with Blakemason and me for him with Adamjacks...cause I'm lovely like that.

I've been profiled on Jack Manly's blog website out in the L.A! How awesome is that! Its a really good profile as well if I do say so, I am really grateful for it...thanks so much guys. And I'll be out there soon, getting my wares out for you all haha! Here is a link to the article:

I'm currently doing another article for Colby Keller for his exciting! So that should be coming soon as well =D

It's all go for me at the moment! Wooo yeah!

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