Wednesday, 13 October 2010

It's been a while

Hey all

It's been a while I know. So I'll give you a little update:

I've had a few offers of work through, from, and I had a reply from Raging Stallion saying they will put me on file...its not a yes but it's better than a no I suppose =D

I have been in contact with Triga, HardBritLads, Eurocreme, Blakemason, etc etc etc and not heard anything back, so I'll see what happens with those ones

I've been in touch with the VERY sexy Dillon Buck about doing a scene with him, so watch this space...I think he's so damn sexy! haha

Having some new photos done, just playful ones more than anything, they're gonna be coming again, watch this space

Looking at going over to the US for a month or so to travel round for a bit...gonna try an get to New York, L.A and Florida, as I've never been to the US, any advice would be awesome

So yeah, there you go =D

Speak soon

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