Thursday, 30 December 2010

2011 To-do list

Right, I've decided I can't just make one New Years Resolution, so I've decided to make a to-do list instead and try to complete all of these before 2011 ends...hopefully I'll get the majority of them done, and it'll be awesome if I can get all of them done.

Anyway, here goes not in any particular order:

1. - Go to America at least once in 2011, preferably LA
2. - Get some more weight and muscle tone to my body...I wanna be ripped and muscled maybe then companies will use me and I need to join a gym
3. - get some work with more porn companies, be them UK based or not
4. - Get a job that suits my financial needs and covers rent and all the bills I need to pay out
5. - Make some more friends and have a social life
6. - Get at least one new big tattoo and one new piercing
7. - Go to Gran Canaria Pride 2011 in May
8. - Either move to a bigger house in Blackpool or move to Manchester and rent a flat
9. - Not get into massive debt
10. - Visit my family more often
11. - Buy an iPad

Some of these are not essential, but if I set them down then I can add moe as the year goes on...hopefully it won't be too damn long haha

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