Monday, 20 September 2010

work work work

Well, the dark parts of my life have now (finally) moved on. Severed contacts that I really didn't need in my life, and you know what? I feel a shit load better for doing it!

I have now got a new job, working for a porn company...behind the cameras etc etc as well as in front of them, I'm not quite hanging up my posing pouch just yet haha!

I have some potential work coming through as well! I have work with, and Triga. Also I might have some work with,,,,,, and (over in Florida :-O)! Things are finally starting to go my way WOOP! One of these shoots I might even be working with the AMAZINGLY sex Dillon Buck!

My video on of me getting whipped, flogged and many other things is one of the members top favourite videos, which did give me a bit of a shock as I didn't think I was liked that much haha!

This calls for a celebration, alcoholic beverages all-round!

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  1. By the way....when I say I might have some work with those companies...I mean it's-not-definite-but-we're-in-chat-stage-kind-of-might


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